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Founders Myah and Sukhjinder

Photo of the founders Myah and Johny

 " I have always been a creative person that enjoyed a mixture of friends from different cultures around the world. When I got to college I had the opportunity to travel and to see these cultures and live among them. There is something magnificent about being able to engage with someone from another country and learn about how they live, the language they speak and the food they eat. You can't help but grow and develop into a better person and in my case a business owner. I will never forget I was talking to God about my dreams of having my own business. My husband and I came up with opening our own shop. I immediately thought, how will I buy inventory and what will I buy? And God whispered to me, look on your walls". I had everything I needed to start the business hanging on the walls from my college travels! So I ran and started pulling tapestries off the walls and began to create. The rest is history! "

- Myah

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